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Choosing the wrong tool will cause an unnecessarily expensive process, makes you waisting time or makes your process too complicated.

My huge network is available to you when we coöperate.

InterMill acts as your catalog! I ask you the questions that will guide you to the right tools.


Why choosing InterMill?

1. For many years now, I have been helping customers every day with the most diverse questions.

2. As an outsider, I quickly see through your process and thus ensure that you do not make a detour to your result.

3. I ensure that you get the right resources and assistance for your machining operation.




By definition I do not supply standard solutions. Customization only! Together we analyze your process and find areas for improvement.




After advising, I'll bring the right tools, and as well the advice with which you can often make your end product and quicker and of a higher quality.

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