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  • Are you machining metals and does it not always go according to your wishes?
  • Are you looking for a cooperative supplier who is not brand bound and can therefore offer multiple solutions?
  • Do you need a sparring partner with whom you can discuss current and new projects?

Do you not want a 'box pusher' but a supplier:

  • Who understands how your process works and who offers solutions to your issues?

Who can help you with everything you need for all types of metalworking machining?

In short, someone who relieves you?

Then you are in the right place!


InterMill delivers TOMORROW.

Need tools TOMORROW? That is possible again! Order before 3 pm at InterMill.

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You can order from InterMill. Call or email for assistance.

Drill specials, endmill specials, special boring tools or even deep operations and suffer from unwanted vibrations? InterMill can help you surprisingly quickly, efficiently and very competitively. Usually quotation within 1 working day and delivery within 1 to 5 weeks after assignment, depending on the nature of the special.

Crashed and wrecked some of your tool's insert seats? We will have it repaired within a few days and you can continue

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