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InterMill exists to help you as a machiner with solutions so you can achieve excellent results. I do this by looking at your process and the way in which you want to achieve result. I do not only advice about tools, but prefer to advice about how you can achieve your goal. Sometimes I even find something you were not looking for, but what you need for a result that will surprise your customers.

InterMill can function as your total supplier and can provide you with almost all necessities and brands, WITH the knowledge for proper use.


"I do not supply only tools, but as well solutions to achieve a better result. They sometimes say that I am a professional idiot! And I am proud of that: enthusiasm, inspiration and innovation are connected! I always look for the best solution."



"I became InterMill to allow colleagues (other entrepreneurs) to be more successful with their work processes. I do this by letting them use the most suitable tools smartly, advising them and help them with deployment on the machine if desired.

Due to my many years of experience with machining processes on the shop floor, I often saw that in the event of problems, standard solutions were quickly sought with the reason “because we always do it that way”. But often that was not an efficient way to achieve the end result. This made the process unnecessarily expensive, it took more time than necessary and sometimes the result was even suboptimal. For years now, I have been helping entrepreneurs with their work processes and ensure that they maintain continuity in their production lines. In a way that a top result can be achieved with their workpiece faster, easier and cheaper. "

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