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InterMill is not stuck to one brand, which means that all options for a good solution are open.

It's impossible to put all the catalogs I use on your desk,

Therefor: Use InterMill as your catalog.



-Specials & Repairs

-Measurement Technology

-Cutting tools

-Tool holders

-Waterjet nozzles

-Clamping and holding tools

-Sanding, Grinding & Surface Conditioning

-Workshopdesign & Toolmanagement

-Cooling and Lubrication Supplies

-Other Tools and Safety Equipment

Specials and Repairs

Measurement Technology

Cutting Tools

Tool Holders

Waterjet Nozzles

Clamping and Holding Tools

Grinding Sanding & Surface Conditioning

Workshopdesign & Toolmanagement

Cooling and Lubrication Supplies

Other Tools and Safety Equipment

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